IMPORTANT: Do not use TurboTax banner ads from previous tax years! Only the banners on this page are pre-approved for use in Tax Year 2019.

Recommended use:

Download instructions:
Click on a hyperlink that corresponds to the file format that best meets your needs. When the pop up box appears, choose "Save File" and specify a location on your hard drive where you want to store the file.

If you did not find a banner in the size you need, you have the opportunity to leverage the original art file (.psd format) and resize it to your website's specifications.

  1. PSD files created with Adobe Photoshop CS5 Version 12.1, and saved to be compatible with older versions of Photoshop using the “maximize PSD file compatibility” feature
  2. If you do not have the "Avenir” Font, other acceptable fonts are: Helvetica and Arial
  3. To avoid image distortion when resizing, first use 'Image Size' to the largest dimension of your desired size with the 'Constrain Proportions" box checked, then use 'Canvas Size' to trim to the final size
  4. You may need to move images within the asset to accommodate your new size
  5. Save image "for web" in .gif format

For each banner, you will find commonly used sizes, as well as art files so that you can resize the banners to meet your needs. Here is a description of the different file types (note: not all banners will have all file types listed below):

  1. Static GIF – This is a GIF file without animation that can be used as is on your site.
  2. Static PSD – This is a Photoshop file which enables you to resize the static banner.

Peak Season Banners

Late Season Banners

Self-Employed Banners